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Teaching portrait photography for the first time… 20140123184120-XL



This year I have travelled to Rome and China.  More pictures can always been seen in my Photo Archive and my work can be seen on my Blog.




December Portrait

The Norfolk Coast (September)

A favourite photo of the fens last seen enlarged on the wall of our house in Sevenoaks in 1975…

Two walking holidays this year…

The Lakes

(more here)


(more here)

Photos from 1973.

click on the photo for more from ’73


A new page of portraits has been added. Not many yet but I am working on more, old and new. I’ve also now added some pictures from my New York trip back in 2006. It’s nearly 2011 and I haven’t posted since last Christmas so here’s some stuff from 2010…my life in pictures. In April I had a trip to Indonesia.  I started off in Vietnam and then went to Cambodia, because of the volcano I was then stuck in Bangkok for an extra week.

Click here for Indochina page

Then back to work mainly at CATS and a few hours at MPW The Summer School in July…

A day in London

click here for a few more photos

Northumberland in August

See the pictures here

and in 2010 I tried growing a beard again.  The first since the seventies.  It wasn’t a good look.


Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Day 2009 more pictures here…

Back from Venice - more pictures soon.

The frog's are getting bigger...

The frog’s are getting bigger…

Random blasts  from the past…

Paris. First honeymoon…

Those were the days...

Those were the days…

A very long time ago

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